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I am gone! The best guide ever to pay less taxes

The international tax landscape has changed dramatically in recent years.

Not only companies and individuals have started thinking more international and global, but also the tax administrations.

Whether we like it or not, it’s a fact. The reason for writing this book is that I am convinced that there is only one way to escape the collective, scorching tax madness: pack your bags and go!

Forget the deep-rooted mentality to stay around the area you grew up in, it’s simply necessary for pure self-preservation!

Then, the question is where you would need to relocate to, if you would wish to do so? Where could you go and which destinations are consistent with your goals?

We will pay attention to both your personal situation and desires, as well as your professional situation.

Thus, we cover the following topics in this book:

  • fiscal emigration for location-independent professionals,
  • fiscal emigration for rentiers,
  • fiscal emigration for people who want to arrange their legacy in their own way, and
  • fiscal emigration to acquire a second passport.

At first sight, it seems easy: gone is gone. But that’s not how the tax authorities think about it. In this book, we will talk about what it means to really be gone from the tax authorities’ point of view. We will also discuss what could happen when you only have one boot on the

This book is built around one very important fact: moving is the only way to avoid costly and time-consuming discussions and to still benefit from acceptable tax rates in the future!

THE tip of this book is simple: effectively moving is the key to financial and personal freedom.

With kind regards,

Iven De Hoon

Download for free:
I am gone! The best guide ever to pay less taxes
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