The debate over citizenship by investment programmes

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The company Kleindienst Group announced that investors who purchase certain properties in the UAE project “The Heart of Europe” will become eligible for Moldovan citizenship. More specifically, to qualify for

Should Facebook be taxed 10$ per user?

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Many Internet businesses (e.g., Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Alibaba) generate significant revenues. In comparison with their offline counterparts, they usually pay less taxes. To reduce their taxation burden, Internet companies

Gibraltar introduces a legal framework for cryptocurrency businesses

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Introduction Regulation, use, and taxation of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are topics that receive an increasing interest among businesses and regulatory authorities. Despite their speculative and risky nature, the number

Golden visa in Cyprus

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In 2016, the Cypriot government revised the laws governing the Golden Visa Program, i.e., a governmental program that allows non-EU citizens who invest in the country to obtain permanent residence

Offshore firms own 40.000 properties in London

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A research conducted by the British newspaper The Guardian demonstrates that the offshore ownership of properties in London has increased with 9% over the last 10 months. At present, companies

Google keeps EU 10 Billion in Bermuda

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Google tax strategies and accountancy practices are widely discussed topics not only in media, but also on a governmental level. News website shave recently disclosed information that, every year, Google

The US-Cayman FATCA Agreement

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The cooperation in tax matters between the US and Cayman Islands began in 2014, when the agreement regarding automatic exchange of tax information under US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act