Taxation in Georgia

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Georgia, a country in the Caucasus region, is located on a crossroad between European and Asian markets. Due to Georgia’s business advantages, such as a low-cost workforce, a stable political

Will UK tax your castle?

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The UK considers introducing a mansion tax which will target the properties that are worth more than £2 million. The owners of such properties will be obliged to pay an

Luxembourg announces tax amnesty plan

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Luxembourg has recently announced its first tax amnesty plan for undeclared income. The temporary tax amnesty scheme for 2016-2017 aims at “laundering” tax evaders and regulating “assets and income held

Dubai launches Wills and probate registry

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Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) launched a Wills and Probate Registry based on common law. The Registry aims at simplifying the distribution of assets owned by non-Muslims’ in Dubai upon

Panamanian Private Interest Foundation

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The Panamanian Private Interest Foundation is affordable, discreet, flexible and can be a very good planning tool in the context of estate planning. As is generally known, the Panamanian Private

Austrian Foundation

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Introduction Two decades ago, the Austrian government wanted to provide an excellent instrument which could support the preservation and the accumulation of wealth for the benefit of a family. Subsequently,

Protectors of a trust

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Introduction A protector is a person who is given administrative or dispositive powers under the terms of a trust instrument, not exclusively for his own benefit. The main difference between

Laws defining the jurisdiction of Swiss courts…

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Laws defining the jurisdiction of Swiss courts in proceedings against Swiss domiciled trustees 1.     Introduction In 2005, Switzerland ratified the Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Trusts (The