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Iven De Hoon wrote a number of books and articles on taxation. His trademark is a smooth, open style. Even the toughest subjects become understandable and captivating. Next to asset planning, his biggest passion is international taxation, especially everything offshore. He has, without a doubt, become the offshore specialist of the Benelux.

How can countries abolish their income taxes and collect even more tax revenues?

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Marc Chesney, a professor at the University of Zurich, proposes an innovative way of taxation that promises to revolutionise the way governments collect taxes. More specifically, he proposes taxing every

Financial Privacy 2020 by Yulia Keating, book review

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In an era where the Swiss gave up their bank secret, where a classic Panamanian offshore company has become useless and where the Cayman Islands automatically exchange your

The tax burden in Belgium continues increasing

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Despite the fact that Belgium is one of the countries with the highest taxation in the world, the small West European country continues increasing the tax burden on its citizens.

The legality of cryptocurrency salaries

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Many countries introduced tax rules governing the tax treatment of salaries paid in cryptocurrencies. The Netherlands, New Zealand, and the UK are just some of those countries. Cryptocurrencies supporters all

EU proposes global tax measures regarding stable coins

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The finance ministers of the European Union intend to inform the participants in the approaching G20 meeting in mid-October 2019 about the need for a global regulatory response towards stable

More and more wealthy Belgians consider fiscal emigration

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Belgium has not formed a government yet although the federal elections took place on the 26th of May 2019. The resulting political instability raises uncertainty about the future tax regime

Recent developments in the field of cryptocurrency taxation

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In the recent weeks, two opposite tendencies have been observed in the field of cryptocurrency taxation. On one hand, the tax authority of Singapore proposed to exempt Bitcoin and other

Switzerland will adopt new corporate tax rules

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On the 19th of May 2019, a referendum regarding the acceptance of the Federal Act on Tax Reform and AHV Financing took place in Switzerland. The proposed act will eliminate

The debate over citizenship by investment programmes

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The company Kleindienst Group announced that investors who purchase certain properties in the UAE project “The Heart of Europe” will become eligible for Moldovan citizenship. More specifically, to qualify for

What are the countries with the lowest and highest tax burden?

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CapRelo, a global relocation management company, published a list of countries that impose the lowest and the highest tax burden on labour. The study covers 40 countries. To compile the

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