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What will the tax landscape look like after the Corona crisis!?

By |In The Spotlight Home|

The Covid-19 virus currently has its way in a gruesome manner. At the moment of writing this article, we experience a fully-fledged war. We have immense respect for those that

Tax advantages in Bulgaria for Soft developers

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Bulgaria has one of the most favourable European tax regimes regarding individual software developers. The reasons for this are two: First, individuals residing in the small Balkan country are subject

The Belgian taxman may inspect the bedrooms of taxpayers

By |Doing business international|

The Belgian Court of Cassation rendered a judgment stating that the Belgian tax authorities are allowed to inspect even the bedrooms of taxpayers suspected of tax fraud. The decision is

Switzerland, a shaky tax haven?

By |In The Spotlight Home|

In 2019 there was a complete makeover of the Swiss tax system. What changed? And is Switzerland still an excellent place to pay less tax? What changed? The reform is

A RAKEZ COMPANY, one of the best in the UAE!

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The UAE is still a top location to do business and to pay less tax …because there is no real tax. The UAE exists of 7 emirates, in each emirate

Monaco not for everyone a tax haven!

By |Doing business international|

Sometimes better to avoid Monaco complete and look for better solutions! Read here the full article. At first glance… When most people here about Monaco, it sounds like a fairytale…

Portugal plans to change its migration regimes

By |In The Spotlight Home|

Portugal’s non-habitual resident (NHR) regime allows foreign pensioners to benefit from a zero tax rate if they meet certain conditions. The NHR regime attracted to Portugal more than 9,000 pensioners.

The Cayman Islands to reveal corporate owners

By |Doing business international|

The Cayman Islands will reveal the names of corporate owners by 2023 The Cayman Islands is one of those jurisdictions that have more companies than residents. More specifically, the Cayman

Belgium: European champion in football taxes

By |Doing business international|

At present, Belgian football clubs pay medium-high taxes. More specifically, in order to pay to a football player an annual net salary of EUR 300,000, a Belgian football club needs

Well, what to expect in 2020 on the fiscal battlefield…

By |Living|

I fear more of the same...It means more countries who will work together, read ... exchange information, more crazy compliance in the banking world, maybe some countries will go even

After the Corona virus will be contained, one thing will be sure! Taxes will increase dramatically!

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