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What will the tax landscape look like after the Corona crisis!?

The Covid-19 virus currently has its way in a gruesome manner. At the moment of writing this article, we experience a fully-fledged war. We have immense respect for those that are fighting on the frontline. Many of our clients ask us what’s next– if this monster’s rage is over – what about their taxes? It is not easy to make an estimation, but we do recognize some early tendencies. Tax Wars The Coronavirus has brought us directly into a war

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The Belgian taxman may inspect the bedrooms of taxpayers

The Belgian Court of Cassation rendered a judgment stating that the Belgian tax authorities are allowed to inspect even the

  • Monaco is not a good tax haven

Monaco not for everyone a tax haven!

Sometimes better to avoid Monaco complete and look for better solutions! Read here the full article. At first glance… When

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The Cayman Islands to reveal corporate owners

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Belgium: European champion in football taxes

At present, Belgian football clubs pay medium-high taxes. More specifically, in order to pay to a football player an annual

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  • What to expect in 2020 on the fiscal battlefield

Well, what to expect in 2020 on the fiscal battlefield…

I fear more of the same...It means more countries who will work together, read ... exchange information, more crazy compliance

  • Book review: Avoid Tax, NOW! by Yulia Keating

Book review: Avoid Tax, NOW by Yulia Keating

When countries collect half of their citizens' income in tax and social security contributions, it does not take a rocket

Financial Privacy 2020 by Yulia Keating, book review

In an era where the Swiss gave up their bank secret, where a classic Panamanian offshore company has

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Andalusia abolishes most of its inheritance taxes

Andalusia abolishes most of its inheritance taxes The Spanish province of Andalusia was widely known for its high inheritance tax

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The debate over citizenship by investment programmes

The debate over citizenship by investment programmes The company Kleindienst Group announced that investors who purchase certain properties in the

  • Taxation in Georgia

Taxation in Georgia

Taxation in Georgia Georgia, a country in the Caucasus region, is located on a crossroad between European and Asian markets.

  • Uk tax your castle

Will UK tax your castle?

The UK considers introducing a mansion tax which will target the properties that are worth more than £2 million. The

Luxembourg announces tax amnesty plan

Luxembourg has recently announced its first tax amnesty plan for undeclared income. The temporary tax amnesty scheme for 2016-2017 aims

After the Corona virus will be contained, one thing will be sure! Taxes will increase dramatically!

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