Should Facebook be taxed 10$ per user?

Many Internet businesses (e.g., Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Alibaba) generate significant revenues. In comparison with their offline counterparts, they usually pay less taxes. To reduce their taxation burden, Internet companies establish their operations in low tax jurisdictions (e.g., Luxembourg and Ireland), conclude tax deals (e.g., in 2015, Facebook enjoyed a tax credit of GBP 11,3 million [...]

Google accountancy practices in a Welsh village

A group of traders in Crickhowell, a small village in Wales, started an initiative aimed at optimizing their tax bills. Small family businesses, such as the local book shop, bakery, smoked salmon firm, and a local café, decided to use the same offshore tax strategies that are used by large multinationals. This initiative is a protest [...]


Can tax authorities check your Facebook account? Unfortunately, yes. Despite the fact that the taxman is probably the least welcome person with whom you would like to share the details of your personal life, tax agents can target your Facebook account for the purpose of a tax investigation. Simultaneously with the raising popularity of social media [...]