Low Tax Services

Our young office has a main goal: to render personalised services. Transparency is another of our objectives: transparency regarding services and transparency regarding fees. The office was founded by Iven De Hoon, who has already acquired 25 years of experience in fiscal and legal service provision. Iven De Hoon is the author of several books and publications.

Our specialities

1. We don’t sell structures as such. No, we offer a tax-friendly solution that is adjusted to your situation by using the structure best suited to you at that particular time.
2. In principle, there is no challenge we won’t face. However, our favourite fields of expertise are:
✓ providing tax advice to companies and expats active in Asia, Europe and Latin America;
✓ setting up international vehicles for estate planning;
✓ establishing advantageous financial and investment structures;
✓ managing businesses;
✓ succession planning;
✓ in Belgium and the Netherlands, we provide local tax advice and accounting services to businesses based in those countries.

How do we operate?

Our approach is personal. We will always appoint a personal coach. You can rely on him, and not only during office hours. Your file will be his responsibility and will not be handed over to an assistant. Our approach is small-scale. This means that the person you meet the first time, will continue to assist your throughout the process.

We prefer to formulate direct and clear answers to your questions over ample and incomprehensible advice. We provide concrete answers to concrete questions. We are entrepreneurs and not academicians. Action first. We have a broad vision and will assist you in finding solutions within the existing legal frames.