De Hoon & Partners – Our philosophy

We aim to provide affordable international tax advice. We feel it is a human right to know which
option will result in the lowest taxes. After all, you have worked hard enough to earn your money. We feel tax-friendly countries and solutions are a bare necessity. Otherwise, national governments will continue to increase tax rates with disastrous consequences for private enterprise, the foundation of all prosperity.

We do not advice you to do tax evasion, but tax avoidance!

The difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion?


Tax avoidance

This term implies that a taxpayer has arranged his affairs in such a way either that his tax burden is less than it would otherwise have been or that no tax is payable as a result of such arrangement. The term is generally employed so as to indicate that the taxpayer has acted in a lawful manner and differs fundamentally in this regard from the concept of “tax evasion” which is illegal.

Tax evasion

Fraudulent or illegal arrangements made with the intention of evading tax, e.g. by failure to make full disclosure to the revenue authorities. The term denotes those activities deliberately undertaken by a taxpayer to attempt to free himself in an illegal manner from the tax to which he is subject. Tax evasion embraces such activities as sham transactions and the falsification of tax returns or of books and accounts. The element of illegality distinguishes tax evasion from tax avoidance.