Golden Visa In Cyprus

In 2016, the Cypriot government revised the laws governing the Golden Visa Program, i.e., a governmental program that allows non-EU citizens who invest in the country to obtain permanent residence in Cyprus. The program aims to attract wealthy foreign citizens to the third most populous island in the Mediterranean. If the program application is approved, permanent [...]

Citizenship by Investment in Cyprus

In order to boost foreign investment and attract high net worth entrepreneurs, the government of Cyprus has introduced an incentive that allows individuals to obtain Cypriot citizenship in exchange for significant financial investments in the country. The program, which is officially called “Scheme for Naturalization of Investors in Cyprus by Exception”, grants Cypriot citizenship to non-Cypriot [...]

You can live your dreams with an ABC story

Many governments of social welfare states have taken every possible step to abuse citizens. They destroyed liberties, indebted future generations and regulated the most fundamental aspects of our lives. Additionally, the orchestrators (‘trustworthy’ politicians) stubbornly refuse to cut government spending and prefer to continue raising taxes. Unnecessary to say that entrepreneurs active in such countries, creators [...]

Latvia: residence permit solution in the EU – ensures hassle free travelling in the Schengen area

Non-EU citizens can obtain the right to reside (live, work, study or do business) in Latvia. In other words, a non-EU citizen can acquire a residence permit in Latvia for a definite or indefinite period, depending on the type of residence permit. Types of residence permits First of all, individuals personally connected to Latvia are entitled [...]

Obtain residence permit in sunny Malta

Malta is a small archipelago located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and consists of the sunny holiday islands Malta, Gozo, Comino and the uninhabited islands Filfla, Cominotto and St. Paul’s Island. The British occupied the Maltese archipelago for almost 2 centuries and as a consequence, English is one of the two official languages, besides [...]

Obtain a passport in St. Kitts and Nevis

Introduction The Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis (St. Kitts & Nevis), located in the Leeward Islands, is a federal two-island state in the Caribbean region. The federation is the smallest sovereign state in the Americas, both in surface area and population. St. Kitts & Nevis is an ideal place for conducting business because of the [...]